Manufacturer Year Class Fuel Type City EPA MPG Highway EPA MPG
Smart 2009 Small Cars Gasoline 33 41
It seems that everyone these days is looking at vehicles that can provide them with better gas mileage. One vehicle that is receiving a second look is the Fuel Efficient Smart Fortwo. This vehicle was originally introduced in 1998, but has most recently gained quite a bit of attention due to its size and fuel efficiency. The Fuel Efficient Smart Fortwo is a two-seater vehicle and measures only 106 inches in length. Compared to the MINI Cooper, it is three feet shorter. Currently, it is not only the smallest but also the most fuel efficient vehicle that is a non-hybrid sold in the United States. It is produced by Daimler AG. If you are considering the purchase of this vehicle, you should take three factors into consideration; fuel efficiency, transmission performance and parking.

Fuel Efficiency

The Smart Fortwo is a gas powered vehicle that receives 33 miles per gallon in the city and 41 miles per gallon on the highway. Combined, it receives 36 miles per gallon. The vehicle does require premium gas and holds 8.7 gallons. A full tank will provide the driver with 282 miles. Estimates indicate that the annual fuel cost for the vehicle will run about $1,555; but of course, that figure will depend on the distance that you drive.

Transmission Performance

The Smart Fortwo features a semi-automatic transmission. There is no clutch pedal. It is possible for the vehicle to be driven in an automatic mode; although the shift points do not tend to be as smooth as when driving a traditional automatic transmission vehicle. The Smart Fortwo is comparable to other vehicles with a semi-automatic transmission, such as the Volkswagen Automatic Stickshift and the Honda Hondamatic. Due to the fact that the driver is able to control the shift points but is not able to adjust the speed of the clutch, it will take some time and skill to become adjusted to this type of transmission and obtain a shift that is smooth.

Parking with the Smart Fortwo

The fact that this vehicle is so small means that it is quite easy to park in a variety of spaces. In fact, it is possible to back into parking spaces that would otherwise only be intended for parallel parking. Due to the size of the vehicle, the entire length of the Smart Fortwo is the equivalent of he entire width of a regular parking space.