If you drive your vehicle anywhere you are bound to notice the ever rising fuel prices. You might not be too worried about being able to afford fuel if you drive a compact sized car. Those that drive the heavy-duty pickup trucks might have something to talk about, though. Truck gas mileage is not nearly as efficient as a small compact car. But, some people need a full-size pickup to go about their daily lives. In this article we will have a comparison on different makes of trucks such as Chevy, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Dodge, GMC, and Nissan.

There are many different features that make up the difference in gas mileage in every vehicle. The transmission is one of the factors. A manual will help increase the gas mileage in any vehicle. Having 2WD or 4WD will also make a huge difference. Air conditioning is another gas hog. It seems that the more gadgets a vehicle has the lower gas mileage it gets.

Have you ever thought about adding accessories to your truck? Every pickup truck comes with an open bed and a tailgate at the end of that. It is up to you what you do with the bed. You can leave it as is and continue sucking the gas right out of the truck. Or, you can install a topper, tonneau cover, or an airflow tailgate. What is the reason for installing accessories such as these? The main reason is that leaving your bed and tailgate stock will allow air to be trapped. This causes a drag when you're driving. The engine must work harder to keep up to speed, therefore, burning more gas. Putting a tonneau cover on the bed of the truck will create a smooth surface for the air to pass over. An airflow tailgate is just that, a tailgate that allows the air to pass through it. If you are interested in installing a topper to your pickup, look into what types are available and what styles there are. You want something that will not catch the air when you're driving. You don't want a topper that sticks up high above the truck cab and blocks the air flow. The topper that you chose should be slanted at the front allowing air to pass over smoothly.

Let's take a look at the different makes of trucks and the type of gas mileage they get. The Mazda and Ford Ranger are about equal in mileage. These trucks might not be fully loaded having all the options you want. You might want to choose the Dodge Ram due to the fact that these trucks can run on E85. Ethanol might be something you're interested in, but it is a highly controversial topic. Typically if you purchase a smaller truck over a big pickup, you are going to save on gas. The Chevy and Toyotas come in 2WD and 4x4. Choosing 2WD will save you money, but might not get you out of the places that you need to drive. Be smart when thinking about truck gas mileage. Pick the truck that is best for you and your situation. Maybe less options will work for you and you can get the Mazda or Ranger. If you need all the gadgets you might want to consider a Lincoln, GMC, Ford, or Chevy. The choice is yours. Shop around a talk to dealerships to see what will work best for you.