Hybrid, hydrogen cars, and motorcycles are words that are used in everyday talk. Why is that? This question can be answered by asking another question. Have you looked at the price of gas lately? We are all looking for a way to get the most miles out of our cars. Those of us that are in the market for purchasing a new car are looking for the high gas mileage cars. Let's make that search a little easier on you by listing of the low cost yet high gas mileage cars. We'll take a look at the top 10 fuel efficient cars on the market today.

The Toyota Prius gets approximately 45 mpg. Now if the gas mileage was good enough, the car also has room to move in it. The back features a hatchback with makes hauling things easier. The Honda Civic and Honda Fit are both excellent choices for the busy American family in today's society. If you're looking for a 4 door family car that gets close to 40 mpg, then look no further than the Honda Civic. This car doesn't have the "bubble" look to it as much as other cars that get this good of gas mileage. You can still look hip while driving one of these bad boys. Honda does also offer a hybrid version of the Civic. A more affordable car that still offers around 35 mpg is the Ford Focus. This too offers a more "classic" car look rather than "bubble". More vehicles are available with lower gas mileage. This is just to give you an idea of what is out there for high gas mileage cars at affordable prices.

After you have found the car that you want to purchase, you will need to read the owner's manual. That's right; you need to read again even though you're not in school anymore. If you just start driving without the right information you are going to lower the gas mileage in your high gas mileage car. That's definitely not what you had in mind, is it? You will discover what your car needs to thrive. Find out when your car needs to have an oil change. The standard change is at 3,000 miles or every 3 months. It all depends on what kind of oil you use. Your car might require synthetic oil that might not need to be changed as often. If you have any questions regarding the oil changes, contact an auto technician and you will be sure to find your answers.

High gas mileage cars can also be bogged down if you don't have the proper amount of PSI in each tire. Your ultra-car might not seem so ultra if it is weighed down by loads of "junk" in the trunk, too. Therefore, having a clean vehicle is not only an appearance thing; it helps with getting the best gas mileage. Waxing and washing the outside will also help you get the most mpg out of your car. You are aiding in the ability for your car to cut through the air. It is just basic aerodynamics. Keep your car in top shape. Check the fluids on a daily basis, or at least every time you fill up at the gas station. Drive smart and you will be able to enjoy your high gas mileage car for a long time.