With the price of gasoline rising higher daily may company are making small fortunes manufacturing and selling gas saving products. The question that is most asked is, "do these products really work?" The answer is yes, no and sometimes.

How do you calculate gas mileage? You need to start your vehicle with a full take of gasoline. You then need to log your mileage. Keep track of how many gallons of fuel you put into your vehicle. You than need to repeat this for the next 3 or 4 times that you fill up. You will get an accurate reading the more you do this. You want to check the mileage before you add any gas saving products to your vehicle and after. This will give you a good idea of the actual savings if there are any.

Auto technicians can be a reliable source of information when you have questions about gas saving products. They can tell you whether the electrical, mechanical, or anything will be improved or if the products could be a waste of money. Ask to see all tests that were performed on a specific product to see if you can really save gas. If you do decide to have any products installed, do not attempt to install them yourself. Take your vehicle to a qualified auto technician to have the parts installed. A technician will be able to tell you if the product is compatible with your vehicle and if it can be installed.

There are other ways to get the best gas mileage out of your vehicle besides adding things to it. You need to keep up-to-date on oil changes to enhance the performance of your vehicle. An oil change should be made every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first. Every other oil change you should rotate the tires, also. Have you ever changed your air filter? You might want to consider taking a look at that to see if it is dirty at all. Your vehicle's engine need oxygen to run properly and a plugged air filter is preventing air from traveling through your engine. This will make your vehicle work in over time and seem bogged down.

Some other gas saving products might include accessories. If you drive a truck you will want to install a tonneau cover or have an airflow tailgate installed. An open truck bed is an air trap that sucks that gas right out of your truck. Putting a tonneau cover or airflow tailgate will allow the air to pass over or through your truck smoothly. You will notice how much more power your truck has as well as how much better gas mileage you receive. The window visors are also a smart accessory to have on your vehicle. These allow you to have your window open even when it is raining. The ability to have the window open will prevent you from needing to turn on the air conditioner, which in return will save you gas since the air conditioner sucks up a lot of gas and power.

Talk to your local auto technician to know what will work on your vehicle. You will learn what gas saving products work and which products are "fuelish". Don't let these products make a fool out of you.