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With the ever-increasing gasoline prices and the world energy crisis in general, people are doing all they can to keep more money in their wallet plus help preserve the planet. Welcome to the Gas Mileage Improvement website - we’ve created this website to help people like you do just that.

We have articles, gas saving product reviews and vehicle fuel efficiency reviews. Information is available on Hybrid vehicles and Hydrogen Car Kits. There’s sections on different classes of cars, SUVs and pickup trucks.

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Recent Gas Mileage Improvement Articles

Check out the Smart Car Review

Check out the new Smart Car Review in our Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Reviews section. Learn about it's Fuel Efficiency, Transmission Performance and what a joy it is to park!

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Two Popular Fuel Efficiency Ideas - Myth or Truth?

It seems there are always ideas floating around about ways to save gas and improve fuel efficiency. Some of these ideas seem plausible while others appear to be downright ludicrous. Recently I saw a couple of Mythbusters episodes about fuel efficiency, here's a little recap. Read more

Driving a Motorcycle versus a Car to Improve MPG

As the cost of fuel continues to rise, most consumers are looking at ways they can improve their gas mileage. From trading larger vehicles for hybrids to making sure their tires are inflated, every consumer seems to be looking for a way to get better gas mileage. One idea that many are now considering is the use of a motorcycle instead of a car. If you have given some thought to this idea, there are some considerations that should be made before you make the plunge. Read more

7 Ways Everyone Can Save Gas

Gas prices are rising fast! It seems to be on everyone’s mind. Some people are going out of their way with expensive solutions to the problem. But the fact is there are some easy things that everyone can go that cost nothing – it’s all about changing your habits. Read more

Hybrid Minivans not yet in North America

There are so many vehicles coming out with hybrid versions or even hybrid only. But the options in hybrid minivan remain pretty slim. It doesn’t make sense that the auto manufacturers continue to focus on making sedans, SUVs and even pickup trucks, but not much attention on minivans. Minivans are hugely popular with growing families with room for bikes and sporting equipment. Read more

Rising Gas Prices in the News

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